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 Leatherwood's Make Me Famous MH (QAA)

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(FC/AFC Carolina's Smoke on the Water x Hideaway Rebel Dewars MH)

Amos competed in AKC Field Trials until Summer 2009 and is Qualified All Age (QAA). He was Qualified All-Age at 2 and has 1/2 point toward his AKC Field Championship. He received his AKC Master Hunter Title in 2010 in 7/7 tests and qualified to compete in the 2010 AKC Master National and he qualified the following year, as well, in 6/6 passes. Amos is a great all-around dog and hunting companion.

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  • DOB 10.22.2004
  • AKC #SR21409006
  • OFA Hips - Excellent
  • OFA Elbows -
  • EIC - Clear
  • CNM - Clear
  • CERF - Normal

~January 2014~

Another GREAT has passed. Amos was THE MAN.

His Drive, Desire, and Trainability were unmatched. He was not only a Hard-Charging Dog, whether in the Blind or on the Line, he was a Perfect Gentleman in the House. He was the MASTER in teaching our new Handlers how to work a dog...he seemed to say, 'C'mon up to the line with me, Son; I'll show you this works...'

During Training in November 2013, he seemed a little 'off'...the Drive still was intense, but something wasn't right...he seemed tired. We took him to our vet and discovered he had lung cancer. He stayed in the house from that day on, receiving GREAT care, lots of good food and much Love. Once again, about a month was all we had remaining to love and tell him good-bye. Not a Tear was shed by us or our vet until his Final Day. He was Stoic, and we were, too.

Amos' Pedigree showed his Greatness; his Titles proved it. His Demeanor, Attitude, and Love to get THE BIGGEST DAMN STICK from the forest, have been passed along to many of his Offspring: Levi; Cap'n; Flair; Tigger, Oggie, Layla and the list goes on,,,The Genes are great; the Love is Greater. We were lucky to have had the "Fat Pup Hiding under the Stairs" in our Lives.

You're a Champion, Amos. We love and miss you.

~10.22.2004 - 12.31.2013~