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 Leatherwood's My Best Friend




(Pitt's Pickin Waylon x Moon River's Fatal Attraction)

King was a Labrador Retriever Male. He wais a well-bred dog, and although plagued by seizures from an early age, King was a great hunting dog and family companion. Everyone thought he was slightly neurotic at times with his 'quirks', but we learned from Doc H that he wasn't neurotic at all...he ws euphoric...from the phenobarbitol taken to control seizures. Don't let his neurosis...I mean, euphoria...fool you...He was quite smart, too. He could flip a gate faster than you could close it. And, the bigger hurry you were in, the faster he flipped! It's been rumored that he was responsible for heading a jail-break or two...he would let himself out of his kennel, then check on his buddies to see if they wanted to join his airing yard party by flipping their gates. King always was ready to fetch up anything: a toy; a sock; a shoe; and occasionaly, even a pup. Oh, and, he loved to retrieve ducks and geese as well, and accompanied Linwood on countless hunting trips. Sometimes he went along for the ride as a stow-away in the back seat thanks to the No Lab Left Behind Policy.

Because of the years of Phenobarbitol, King's liver should have failed long before his body did, but Life threw a curve, and he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It hit quickly took over like a wildfire. He was kept kept comfortable and received lots of love from a few of his friends. He was met by all of Wood's dogs: Onyx; Ceasar; Tahoe and Lil...and perhaps a few of yours and mine, too. He is in good company, and is running around hard and fast chasing ducks and doing his nightly ritual of 'the walrus'. Koo-Koo-Ki-Choo, My Friend.

  • 3.19.2001- 08.10.2010