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 HR Rockets Lakeshore Tahoe MH

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(Gunners Lakeshore Rocket x Manhatans Lakeshore Sierra)

Tahoe was Linwood's first Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Man's Best Friend. Linwood trained Tahoe, and he bacame a great Hunting Companion, Although Linwood was just beginning his career as a Pro Trainer, he had a lot of success with Tahoe. Linwood trained Tahoe from the ground up. He taught Tahoe how to Hunt, but he'll be the first to admit that learned more from him. Tahoe and Linwood worked together in sync, and Tahoe was titled as an AKC Junior Hunter in 2001. They forged on and a year later, Tahoe earned his AKC Senior Hunter Title in 2002. Later that same year, he also received the UKC Hunting Retriever Title. Tahoe earned his AKC Master Hunter Title in May of 2006. Shortly thereafter, Tahoe was diagnosed with incurable liver disease. His prognosis was just 6 months at the most. Tahoe continued to train and hunt with Linwood. On their final big hunt together in North Dakota in 2008, Tahoe retrieved 150 ducks. Not bad for an ailing dog. From then on, he had good days and bad, but he would spring to life when Linwood ran him on marks or hunted with him. On Super Bowl Sunday 2009, Linwood and Emily threw a few marks for Tahoe and the old boy did great. One of his best days in a while. He quietly passed later that day in the company his Master and Emily. The Life in his eyes and heart will remain unmatched, but his big ole Chessie grin and bootie scootin' can be seen everyday in his daughter, Snap, and grandson, Pete. For that, we raise a toast to tha 'HO'...the FIRST, but not the LAST.

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  • 03.29.1999 - 01.00.2009
  • AKC #SN631892/10
  • UKC #R145-760
  • OFA Hips - Good
  • CERF - Normal