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How Much is That Doggie in the Window?


Leatherwood's Tips n' Tails - 'Red'

Amos x Casey Pup - Born February 3, 2011



About our Breeding Program

We are Proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit for Both our Chesapeake Bay and Labrador Retrievers.

Leatherwood Kennels offers a few Select Breedings per year. We NEVER breed our girls in consecutive heat cycles. Just like us Humans, these hard-working girls deserve and NEED time for their bodies to recover from the stress of Motherhood.

Our puppies will cost an average of $1000. Why? Our goal is to better the breed by pairing Studs and Dams that have Excellent Pedigrees and Health Clearances, but, equally important, that have proven themselves in the Field and/or in Hunt Tests and Field Trials. Take a moment and look at our Dogs' Pedigrees, Titles and Health Clearances. We have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears to train our Dogs to their highest potential and to compete in Trials to get our dogs Titled. We also have invested a lot of money for DNA Testing for DM, EIC, CNM and for OFAs and CERFs. If adding all of these costs into the 'plus' column isn't convincing, we also include appropriate de-worming, TWO sets of Puppy Vaccines (Distemper/Parvo and Bordatella). We offer Micro-chipping for a nominal charge. Finally, WE pay for the AKC Registration* and offer a 26-month Guarantee against Hip Dysplasia.

We let our pups go home around 10 weeks old. We feel that this offers the littermates time to socialize and mature, greatly lessening the stress of an 'infant' 6 - 8 week old puppy that has been taken from its mother, littermates and familiar surroundings. We have found that our pups are more confident and adjust very quickly to their new homes and will be happy to provide testimonials.

In order to protect and preserve our dogs' heritage, and to continue to improve our line, our pups will have an AKC Limited Registration UNTIL your pup has received its OFA Results. If your Dog also is working toward Obedience and/or Hunting Title(s), then that's just a plus for Owner and Breeder alike. Once proof of OFA Results have been provided, we will sign for the Limited Registration to be changed to Full. NO additional money is required to be paid to Leatherwood Kennels.



NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade x Leatherwood's OMG Here We Go Again SH

Grady is a dog that needs no introduction. Grady has an amazing pedigree with many NFC and NAFC titles! He has 20 titled ancestors (5 generation pedigree) on his sire's side and 22 titled ancestors on his dam's side including QAAs. He has 11 ancestors in his 5 generation pedigree who have been inducted into the Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame. Hips GOOD/Elbows NORMAL/CERF Normal 2008/EIC CLEAR/ CNM CLEAR/THYROID NORMAL

Trouble is a 65# black female, with an outstanding pedigree, stacked with FC, AFC, and NAFC NFC titles. Trouble has an incredible work ethic in the field, whether at a trial or in the blind. She is a wonderful and loving mother and family member. Trouble is an AKC Senior Hunter and is working towards her AKC Master Hunter and QAA titles. Hips EXCELLENT/Elbows NORMAL/CERF NORMAL/ EIC CARRIER/CNM CLEAR

The pups shall be raised in the house, will have had appropriate de-wormings, two (2) sets of vaccinations, micro-chipped, tested for EIC (to determine if clear or carrier), and registered with an AKC Limited Registration. They will be exposed to shots in the field, receive plenty of socialization, and introduced to swimming and birds. They will have a 26 month guarantee against hip dysplasia.

$1500, reserved with a $500 non-refundable deposit.

Click on Name for Grady x Trouble Pedigrees

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Leatherwood's Shoo Dog Git X  Leatherwood's Break a Leg JH

We look forward to another great litter of pups with these two. Scoot x Snap's April 2012 litter is doing great. Pups will be DM Carrier (NONE will be At-Risk), CNM Clear (By Parentage). Snap's final litter all have been sold.

$1000, reserved with a $400 non-refundable deposits (unless the breeding is unsuccessful).

Click on Scoot or Snap's Name for Pedigree and Health Clearances.

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Leatherwood's Shoo Dog Git X  Leatherwood's Lily of the Nile

We plan to breed Scoot x Lily Fall of 2015. Lily is a Trout x Snap pup from December 2011. Lily is a Beautiful girl, with a great temperament. This litter should be perfect for hunting and home. Pups will be DM Clear or Carrier (NONE will be At-Risk), CNM Clear (By Parentage).

$1000, reserved with a $400 non-refundable deposits (unless the breeding is unsuccessful).

Click on Scoot's Name for Pedigree, Health Clearances, etc.

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Click for Lily's Pedigree for Sire and Dam